A little bit of history

During the 1950’s Ebley National Children’s Home ran annual Summer fetes and Autumn fireworks display for the children in their care. This is the origin of Rotary 5 Valleys Fireworks, as we know the event today. Originally members of Round Table, who later became Stroud Rotarians, helped to organise the event.

Towards the end of the 1980’s the National Children’s Home organisation changed its policy of care. As children started to be fostered in the community there was less need for large residential units. By this time the fireworks were organised jointly by Stroud & Stonehouse Round Table and Stroud Rotary Club.

The event had developed and in 1993 was moved to the present location at Marling School grounds to accommodate the ever-increasing crowd but still retained its name of Ebley Fireworks. It continued to be organised entirely by its volunteer team until the numbers attending grew to 5000. Stonehouse Rotary Club was asked to help, a catering company engaged and to add to the event John Coneley’s Fun Fair was brought in.

Stonehouse & Nailsworth Rotary Clubs were invited to join officially as partners of Stroud Rotary Club and the Round Tablers in 2012 making the event a truly community event involving the Five Valleys hence in 2013 to reflect this the event was rebranded as Rotary 5 Valleys Fireworks.

The event has benefitted from a long association with Star Fireworks, the British Firework Champions of Champions. Star Fireworks who have a glittering “A” client list that of course includes their old friends at Rotary 5 Five Valley Fireworks. Their displays are truly amazing and always beautifully choreographed to music, 2015 saw the display in part choreographed to the new James Bond Films, theme song, “Writing on the Wall’ the same night the film premiered in London.

The event has raised about half a million pounds over the years, with over a quarter of million pounds in the last 20 years for local charities and good causes. It is a very popular, family friendly event, the largest in the 5 Valleys and one of the largest in the South West.

We are proud to continue this local tradition, providing an environment, which is safe for the community to come together and celebrate fireworks whilst raising money for local charities and good causes.